I operate under the profound belief that 100% is possible 100% of the time. My mission is to help clients make powerful discoveries and translate their ‘aha moments’ into liveable action that will transform their world.

Betsy Jordan

Meet Betsy Jordan


Betsy Jordan holds a PhD in Experiential Training through the Legacy Center and Direct Impact. She has studied with Deepak Chopra, becoming one of the first mind/body educators in the country. Certified by Deepak Chopra and David Simon, MDs, Betsy has a BS in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Betsy is certified as an Accredited Senior Coach with the International Institute of Coaches and Mentors, based in London.

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What is TurboCoaching?

TurboCoaching™ is my proprietary, trademarked coaching technique – and you’ve never experienced anything like it before.  It is designed to focus my clients on one domain of their life, and to produce powerful, tangible results FAST!  I believe that we create our own luck, and that life is all about relationships in business, at home or in the community.  If you think that you can benefit from my beliefs as your coach, then hire me.

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Betsy’s Blog

Betsy Jordan is an expert in entrepreneurial and experiential coaching. Her services have made a profound impact on the lives of hundreds of clients.

You can put her techniques into practice in your own life by reading her insightful tips, studying her blog posts and applying the principles in your own life.  Enjoy this powerful learning experience… and take the first step to a brighter future and a better world!

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