Betsy Jordan

Who is Betsy Jordan?

Betsy Jordan is a philanthropist, activist, and creator who has helped elevate CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, and public figures around the globe. A best-selling author, Executive Producer, and highly-regarded experiential and transformational coach since 2001, she is the founder of BullsEye Coach, a premier licensed methodology that uplevels coaches in a proven system to deliver rapid client results.

Betsy earned her coaching stripes when she was awarded senior (ASC) status accreditation with the IAPC&M, giving her the distinction of operating in the top 1% of the coaching profession worldwide. In 1992, she became one of the first designated Mind Body Educators through the Chopra Institute and draws upon foundational principles blending spiritual awakening with pattern interruption, turbo-charged self-discovery, visioning, and activation to drive rapid transformation for diverse clients across all arenas of their lives. 

Betsy began her career as a rising star in marketing and customer relations within the banking and real estate industries. Later, she stepped into the role of the entrepreneur as a co-founder of Jordan McColl & Associates, a meeting and events company. She also founded The Creative Connection, Inc. a full-service marketing company. Active in the film industry, she produced Power Track, a two-time International Film Festival winner, and a prime real-life illustration of the seven tactics taught through her BullsEye Coaching program.

Career highlights include:
  • BS in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill;
  • Ph.D. in Experiential Training through Direct Impact and the Legacy Center;
  • One of the first Mind/Body Educators in the US, certified by Deepak Chopra and David Simon through the Chopra Institute;
  • Senior (ASC) Accreditation with the IAPC&M;
  • ASC through the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC&M);
  • BIC Real Estate Broker with Betsy Jordan Properties and Prudential;
  • Actor, Producer, and Writer active in the film industry and on the North Carolina Film Council;
  • Producer of Power Track, a two-time International Film Festival winner;
  • Candidate for North Carolina House District 20 in 2014;
  • Founding Donor: Betsy L. Jordan AI Intelligence Cancer Research Fund at UNC Chapel Hill.
A prolific author, Betsy enjoys crafting not only books but also opinion pieces and engaging in thought leadership. She is an avid traveler and enjoys meeting beautiful souls who understand and further her mission to transform the world through kindness. Over the years, Betsy has influenced top political and business consultants, tech founders, healthcare executives, financiers, health coaches, filmmakers, and even yogis and real estate developers internationally. Through books, speeches, writings, causes, and programs, Betsy encourages people to love and accept themselves and others, live authentically and live lives of passion, purpose, and freedom.
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Betsy’s unique view on the world, as well as her insights and methods, have proven transformational for diverse clients ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to healthtech entrepreneurs and yogis. They can change your life too! 


BULLSEYE!: The Seven Tactics to Hit the Bull's Eye in your business.
Second Edition.


POWER UP!: The Seven Tactics to Hit the Bull's Eye in your business. Film Industry Provision. Book Six.


EXPAND!: The Seven Tactics to Hit the Bull's Eye in Your Business. Second Edition. Book Five.