onenessThank you for your interest in downloading a free copy of my book Oneness, the first book in my series Coach! Seven Keys for the Beginning Coach.

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If you are already a coach who has gone through coach’s training, one of the most important lessons you’ve learned is that we are all connected. It is through our connections that we can help our clients look outside their view of who they are today and see who they can become. In order to get to this step you need to have your own practice methods in place.

Many beginning coaches start their practice wide-eyed and excited, enrolling people into their practice only to find that they haven’t refined their system for coaching. An effective coach gets people in the door, takes them through a process, and spurs them to urgent action.

I’ve been in your shoes before and I want to help you take your coaching to the next level.

Read the first book Oneness for free and I’ll be in touch on how you can receive the entire series, Coach! Seven Keys for the Beginning Coach to help you improve your coaching process.