Be Bulletproof Part 2

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Be Bulletproof Part 2

About this course

Be Bulletproof Part 2 is a way to take the extraordinary vision you identified in Part 1 and take it into the world. In Part 1 you discovered who you are, how you show up through the assessments of yourself by identifying your award winning characteristics, your passions and description of yourself at your highest and best. Use your natural intelligence to put the Ammunition in the chamber through applying the Seven Tactics.  You'll hit your Bullseye over and over again.  


If you're here, you've invested in yourself. Welcome.  

Course Structure

  • Tactic 1: Connect!
  • Tactic 2: See!
  • Tactic 3: Act!
  • Tactic 4: Experience!
  • Tactic 5: Expand!
  • Tactic 6: Power Up!
  • Tactic 7: Launch!